22/01/13Graduate update
by The Clink

Our training programme is now in full swing with both The Clink Restaurant at HMP High Down and The Clink Cymru at HMP Cardiff training up to 28 prisoners, in the restaurant and kitchen, at one time.

At High Down throughout 2012 we trained 88 prisoners and released a total of 20 graduates into employment within the hospitality industry. Of the 20 prisoners released one has reoffended, dramatically reducing the reoffending rate to just 5% for those who have been part of The Clink Charity training scheme.

Throughout January and February we will seek employment for a further five of our trainees who are due to be released from HMP High Down imminently. As well as the 56 prisoners training in the restaurants, we also have 12 prisoners training in the Bromley Gardens at HMP High Down where they are currently taking their horticulture NVQ exams and planting, growing and harvesting produce to be used in The Clink Restaurant.

With help from the farms and gardens team, the trainees are now planning the coming seasons crops, using the Bromley Glasshouse, with its new bio-diesel heating system, as well as the six poly tunnels, to ensure they get the spring and summer growing season off to a good start.

At The Clink Cymru at HMP Cardiff, two graduates that started their training just prior to the restaurant’s opening in September 2012, have been offered full-time employment following their release.

We would like to offer a warm welcome to Samantha who has joined The Clink Cymru as chef trainer to support Jason our general manager and Mike the head chef.

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